You Live According to God’s Desire

by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
25 May 1971, Ranchi, India

(Slightly abridged and edited for easier reading)

You have just said, Bábá kii jai!* But I say, “Victory unto you!” As human beings, as spiritualists, as spiritual missionaries, when you will be victorious, you will be happy — but happier will I be, many times more.
* “Victory unto Bábá!” “Bábá” was the affectionate name used for the author by the author’s disciples. –Eds.

Whatever object or idea there is in this relative world, there is a reason behind it. The reason may be known to you or may not be known to you, but there is a reason. When you get quite tired of worldly activities and sit in a lonely place, you think, “Why have I come into this world?” You might not know the reason, but He, the one who has manifested His liilá [play] everywhere, knows the reason. You might consider yourself inferior, but you are not so to Him.

Take, for example, your body, your mind, and the innumerable tiny cells of your body. Each cell gives rise to a particular thought. Such specialities there are in the human structure! The Creator has created this body carefully, with the utmost care; He even knows where a particular spot in your nerve is. You are not small. A doll may consider itself small, and it may be considered small by some, but the creator of the doll would never consider his creation valueless.

All that comes within the scope of relativity has a reason behind its existence. Even the existence of an eighty-year-old man or woman has a reason behind it. Parama Puruśa (God) has kept you in the world; there is definitely a reason behind it. Never let inferiority arise in you. You are the children of God — how can you be inferior? If someone says that you are low, or valueless, that will be absolutely wrong. God, your Creator, is a great entity. How can He create anything inferior?

Many say that nature creates. But this is wrong. What can nature create? The style, the system in which Prakrti [the Cosmic Operative Principle] operates is known as nature. There is a style of singing, of dancing; there is a style for doing each and every action. The style of the work of the Operative Principle is known as nature. How can the style create? Only the One whose style it is can create. Nature can do nothing. The Operative Principle operates according to the desire of God. If God did not permit it, then Nature would be unable to create. “Even a blade of grass would not move. Right from Brahmá (Creator of the physical universe) to a blade of grass, it is all His desire.”

Without His desire, nothing will happen. Say you are speaking against Parama Puruśa (God) in a meeting. You might want to say, “I challenge Parama Puruśa.” But after only having spoken the word “challenge” you might find that your raised fist remains raised and your voice is choked. Nothing can happen without His desire.

You have come according to His wish, and by no one else’s. Leave everything to Him. An astrologer predicts your death on a particular day, and advises you to wear lockets to counteract the effects of stars and planets. But doesn’t the astrologer himself die?

You will live according to His desire; you will die, too, according to His desire. Yesterday I told you to take the name of one only. Today I tell you to depend on one only, not on two. Death will not be painful for you, because in death too you attain Him. Merge with Him with all your love.

He has given you your organs. Utilize them for Him. With your voice sing His name, His praise, His kiirtana (devotional chanting). With your mind think of Him.

One who does not do this wastes one’s life. And where people have only human frame but not human mind, tell them this message. Go to village after village, town after town. This is your duty.