Meditation for everyone

From darkness, light
From ignorance, knowledge

Namaskar, I salute the Infinite within you. I am Didi Ananda Ruchira Acarya, a yogic-nun (sannyasini) of 40 years and instructor of meditation. I’m also a homeopath by training.

I’ve traveled the world for these 40 years and spent the last 20 years in Kenya, directing the Abha Light Foundation, which promotes homeopathy and natural medicine as affordable health care options for the people of Kenya and Africa.

I have started this site to share with you my thoughts and experiences in both fields; a bit of an eclectic mix of both, and more. I hope you will enjoy this site and my sharing. I hope time to time I will hear from you too.

I am open for consultations in homeopathy; also personal lessons in meditation through Skype and the internet.

With love,

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